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At first glance, the interface of the game may seem quite simple. But it is not quite so – it presents a very wide set of tools that help to analyze the course of the game, creating your own strategy for success. At the top there is information about the winning odds of past rounds. On a separate tab there is a rating with the most successful players for the past day, month, year.

This data can serve as a basis for building your own strategies, showing what size bet is preferable and what odds are more win-win.

Minimum odds strategy x1.1

This is the simplest and safest strategy in the game Lucky Jet. It consists in playing with the minimum odds. With its help, it is possible with a high probability to win significant amounts in several rounds.

Its essence is to withdraw bets in auto mode, reaching odds of x1.1. Of course, it is impossible to expect big winnings, however, with each round the bet will increase by 10%. As a result, after 10 rounds your bet will be increased by 2 times. The only limitation is that in a few rounds the bet can be burned. It is only important not to catch the x1 coefficient, appearing about every half an hour to an hour deliberately, knocking out the most cautious players.

To avoid this, it is necessary to wait for a few rounds with odds x1.03, x1.09, and then wait for 3-4 rounds and then take the game. In a row you should not make more than 2-3 bets. For example, let us estimate the following option – our deposit is 25 000 rubles. Betting 10% of it, every day we can win 1750 rubles. Thus, in a month we can earn 50,000 rubles.

Gaming fork

The rules of the game Lucky Jet is allowed to make 2 bets simultaneously in each round. This means that the player has 2 times more chances to win. This strategy is exactly that. Its essence is that one of them we repay the amount of both, allowing not to go into deficit.

To use this strategy, you will need to pay more attention. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the game will go rounds with the highest odds. That’s when we start to make two bets. The first bet is placed in auto mode with odds x2.0, the second is closing by itself, reaching odds x4-x5. In case of failure, when Lucky Joe flies away, the bet made in auto mode can cover the second losing bet.

2 bets

Another example of a successful strategy. It is based on 2 different bets. It can be used in situations where bets with odds x5-x10 do not fall out for a long time. Its essence is to withdraw a higher bet at low odds, trying to catch the jackpot with a lower one. For example, let’s take bets of 100 and 300 rubles, in which the second will be a safety bet. The probability of winning it will be 85%, at odds of 1.4. It turns out that, having made a bet of 300 rubles in the automatic mode, earnings will be 420 rubles. Thus, even with a loss, we remain in the black.

Strategy “3 to 1”

This strategy is suitable for players with a small game balance. Based on statistics, it will play with a small number of players. Its essence is to increase the rate each time, lowering the coefficient in auto mode. For example, we start with a bet of 200 rubles and odds of x2.0. With each win we can increase it by lowering the coefficient, i.e. already 400 rubles and x1.8.

In case of losing the first bet, you can bet again, but making two bets of 200 rubles each with odds x2.0. Winning, we can repay past losses.

Ladder Down Strategy

This strategy is based on a game proven by experienced players, in a relaxed mode. In 7 out of 10 cases, players who play without haste and serious calculations win. This strategy is suitable not only for Lucky Jet, but also in the bookmakers. It consists in calculating the time and wait for the right time to bet, for example, with the highest odds.

For example, let’s look at the following case: we place a bet and wait for the odds to be at least x1.09. After that we place 3 or 4 bets. In a situation of appearance of three odds x1.09 in a row, the next bet is skipped. Upon reaching x1.11 we try another move.

In the case where the odds less than x1.09 is not shown on the screen, and 4 bet exceeds x1.1, use this tactic, which with high probability will bring a positive result.

Lucky Jet Strategy “Bet x100+”

This strategy appeared not so long ago, but it has already proved its validity and gave positive results. To use it, go to the tab reflecting the history of odds and find the indicators x100 or exceeding them.

After they appear, it is necessary to count exactly 1 hour, after which you can start playing. Close the first bet after reaching x35-40 and x100. In the first case, we can keep the game balance at the same level, and the bet multiplied by 100 – earn money.

lucky jet win

Single betting strategies

Conventionally, this variety can be divided into two. The first – action with minimal risk. This method is chosen by the most patient visitors. People without much experience should also pay attention to the method. They will spend less money, but will get good experience and the opportunity to study the mechanism of the machine.

The second variety is the autobetting mode. It is possible to download a win-win best strategy with small odds. Then it remains to configure the automatic start of the hero has become a real salvation for beginners. Players without experience often wait for a suitable scale indicator, and hope not on their knowledge, but on pure luck. After setting, the service will do everything itself.

Autobetting mode implies the use of certain betting techniques. There are 2 of them at the moment:

Automatic betting. The user of the lucky jet strategy needs to pay attention to the menu. On the corresponding panel there is a section called “Auto”. After entering it, a certain coveted winnings are selected. It will automatically be taken into account at startup. It remains only to carefully monitor the process and do not miss the moment of the cashout.

Automatic withdrawal. For lucky jet game strategy involves the use of small odds, helps to adjust not only the bet, but also the termination of the round. When setting the parameters you need to consider a certain division of the scale. As soon as the drawn man reaches the desired index, the game stops. The setting procedure is identical to the preliminary one. It is necessary to go to the same section on the control panel and select the flight limit, and then make a start.

More experienced fans of the machines choose tactics with a moderate risk. It is included in the top lucky jet best strategy 2022.  The scheme has its advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about the technique of doubling. You can put any amount at stake. The main condition – a sufficient amount of funds on the balance and accounting statistics. The user should study the triggering of multipliers in previous rounds. Run the object is worthwhile only if the hero previously predicted did not reach the odds of x2. Withdraw the winnings from the system should be guided only by this multiplier. On average, it is possible to win a sum of 100% or more.

High risk is the destiny of professionals. According to statistics, once every hour and a half the flying hero with a jetpack reaches a score of x100. A win-win strategy for playing Lucky Jet requires paying attention to this coefficient for a certain period of time. In order to get a good fee, the player should remember the time of the last multiplier triggering and start a new round after 1-1.5 hours. The tactic involves a lot of risk, but the winnings can be really big.

Strategies for express betting

The 2:1 technique deservedly has the status of popular. Working strategies on Lucky Jet are usually based on the usual mathematics. The user should pay attention to the con. Before each round, this figure should be doubled. I.e. the first bet – 10 rubles, the second – 20, the third – 30, etc.

The essence of the strategy of the game of Lucky Jet is insurance. At the end of the day, the client will break the big score and the winnings will cover all costs. The cashout should be made when it reaches x1.5.

There is another method in the list of express methods. It can be conditionally called 1.5+2x. The client makes two bets. For the first it is easier to set up automatic withdrawal (x1.5). The second requires attention and concentration. Manually you need to designate a figure, which is not afraid to risk, such as 10 rubles, multiplier – 2. Before launching, it is necessary to pay attention to the statistics. Use the tactic should be only if previously worked 6 odds in a row within x2.

Martingale Strategy

A very popular method. The following actions will bring success to the client:

  • Analyzing the results of 100 past sessions;
  • Choosing the highest odds based on 50% of cases;
  • Making a bet (It is better to stop at a small amount or the balance will empty in the case of a series of unsuccessful rounds);
  • Launching and tracking the flight;

Lucky Jet 1win strategy is simple. If you lose, make a second move, while doubling the amount lost. Winning, on the contrary, is an incentive to return to the original position. The tactic can not be called fast. However, it has no competitors in efficiency.

System d’Alambera

The method is based on the French mathematician’s popular theory of relativity. To access its secrets it is necessary to study the strategy. According to it, as a result of losses, the betting amateur becomes closer to winning. Chances for a large sum of money grow with each perfect move. I.e. the visitor of the platform should increase the amount at stake in the case of failure, and decrease in the opposite case.

The table presented to help study the strategy on luckyjet.

Bet Odd The outcome of the round Deposit
1 2.0 Losing 9000
2 2.0 Losing 7000
3 2.0 Losing 4000
4 2.0 Win 8000
5 2.0 Win 11000

Lucky jet tactic with two bets

A great way for fans of the machines, regardless of their experience. Lucky jet tactic offers two starts at once. For the first you can set up automatic withdrawal. In this case the coefficient to put a small, up to x1.5.

The second must be prepared manually. Take into account both the amount on the balance and the multiplier. After starting the object will start to take off. Conclusion should be made on the indicator above x2.

Tactics game in lucky jet working strategy. Its essence is that the first move overlaps the costs of both bets. Earnings, in turn, provides the following action. Thus, the user in any case will remain at his own.

Lucky jet income scheme for beginners

Inexperienced people should not take risks for nothing. Earnings on the game lucky jet reviews say stably can not be obtained. Time should be spent on practice and analysis of the process.

However, even for beginners there is its own scheme of playing lucky jet earning money at the same time provides a stable. Its essence is in small bets. In this case, not only the amount at stake is important, but also the odds. It is better not to exceed the figure x1.2. Statistically this division of the scale the object crosses in the vast majority of cases.

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