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Lucky Jet

What is the game Lucky Jet?

Briefly about the game in which the big winnings are possible

Lucky Jet is a jet pack for your wallet, which using your dexterity, observation and skill will allow you to get a winnings exceeding several times your investment on the deposit.

Lucky Jet is a new gambling game that allows you to quickly multiply your available balance from x2 to x100 or more in a very short time.

The game uses a random number generator, the algorithm creates a random coefficient, reaching which the round in the game ends.

The task of the player is to have time to put a bet or two at once before the start of the round, then in time to withdraw the winnings, before the hero of the game reaches the peak height (random value). These are intuitive rules even for beginners.

Minimum bet

The minimum bet in the game – 10 cents


The coefficient can be from 1.01 to 10000

Lucky Jet app
Lucky Jet strategy

Success depends on the strategy you choose. You can read more about strategies here.

A sensible approach

Lucky Jet is a game, and you should treat it accordingly. Lucky Jet will not replace your work in the office, but gives you the opportunity not only to spend your time having fun with the game, but also to win, multiplying the deposit by tens or even hundreds of times.

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