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Lucky Jet is the latest gambling entertainment that will suit the new generation of players. You can win several times more in just a few seconds! Lucky Jet is set up with a verifiable scheme that is currently considered the only real working guarantee of honesty in the gambling industry.

Lucky Jet Joe

Don’t forget, however, that you have a time limit. You need to withdraw funds before Lucky Joe flies away, otherwise you will lose your bet. Game in Lucky Jet – the excitement in the purest form! Here you take a risk and win. Everything depends on you!

How to play and what are the rules?

  • To make a bet, you need to select the desired amount and click on the “Bet” button.
  • There is no need to limit yourself to only one bet at a time. You can make two bets simultaneously, using both the left and right betting panels.
  • To withdraw your winnings, you need to press the “Withdraw” button.
  • Your winnings are the sum of your bet multiplied by the cashout multiplier.
  • If you do not make a Withdrawal before Lucky Joe flies away, your bet will be lost.

Auto Bet and Auto Withdrawal

  • Auto Bet can be activated on the panel of any bet by checking the “Auto Bet” box. In this case, bets are made automatically. Nevertheless you still need to press the “Withdraw” button for each round in order to withdraw your winnings.
  • If you want to fully automate the game, it is possible to configure the automatic withdrawal of winnings. To do this, activate the “Auto Withdrawal” on the betting panel. Then the money will be automatically withdrawn when the odds you set.

Interface of our game

Live Bets and Statistics

On the left (if you use the mobile interface, under the betting panel) is the “Live Betting” panel. It displays the bets that were made in the current round.
The panel “My bets” contains information about the made bets and withdrawals for the whole time of the game.
The “Top” panel contains game statistics. Here you can study the winnings of other players both by sum and by cashout odds. In this way you can see the highest odds in a round.

In-game chat

On the right (if you use a mobile interface, in the upper right corner) is the general chat panel. It is designed to communicate with other players. In addition, the chat is automatically posted information on the receipt of large winnings.

Work with technical problems

If the Internet connection is broken, the game itself will cash out the bet at the rate at the moment of the break. The amount of winnings in this case will be added to the player’s balance.
If a malfunction occurs on the gaming equipment or game software, all bets and payouts will be canceled. In this case, the bets are reimbursed to the affected players in full.

We play fair. Want to know how it works?


  • The winning odds start at 1x and go higher and higher as Lucky Joe goes up.
  • The winning amount is equal to the odds at the time the player made the withdrawal, multiplied by the amount of his bet.
  • Before the round begins, our generator impartially generates random odds numbers at which Lucky Joe flies away. At any time the fairness of the odds calculation for a particular round can be checked by clicking on the button in the history window.
    It is also possible to check and change the fair play settings. To do this, go to the “Game Menu” and select the “PROVABLY FAIR settings”.

Technical assurances of our integrity

Don’t forget, however, that you have a time limit. You need to withdraw funds before Lucky Joe flies away, otherwise you will lose your bet. Playing in Lucky Jet – the excitement in the purest form! Here you take a risk and win. All depends on you!

A brief explanation of how it works :

The odds of each round (the moment when the jetpack pilot flies away!) are not generated on the game servers. On the contrary, the generation of the coefficient is determined by the players participating in a particular round. And this process is completely transparent. Therefore, no one has the opportunity to manipulate the results of the round. Moreover, each player has the opportunity to check and make sure the honest calculation of odds.

Detailed explanation of the principle of operation :

lucky jet подробно

The result of the round is generated on the clients of four different and independent players who participate in a particular round. These include: the game operator, the three players who were the first to bet. The game operator generates a server syd (random 16 characters). An encrypted version of a server sid is in public access before the beginning of a game round. to see it, it is necessary to enter PROVABLY FAIR in the user menu. There you can choose an existing server sid or create a new one by clicking on the button. The next server sid is SHA512. Here you can also change your client sid. Further the first 3 players who made a bid participate in the generation of the client sid. Part of the sid is generated on the side of each of these players. At the start of the round the game combines the server sido and the client sido of the first 3 players. The combined sids generate a SHA512 hash, and the generated hash already determines the outcome of a particular round.

Integrity Check :

  • Any player has the right to check the honesty of each round from the history of the game. To do this he has to click on the green icon.
  • The window that opens will show the server sido, three client sido, as well as the combined hash and the result of the round.
  • If a player wants to participate in the formation of the result of a round, he needs to be among the first three players who bet in a particular round.
  • The correctness of the hash can be checked in any online calculator, e.g.
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